An integrated measurement plan allows our customers to optimize sales, enrollments and service experience. Our strategy is to synchronize analytics with marketing and sales information in order to profile, target, acquire and retain the most profitable customers across multiple products. Reporting from Innovative Connections’ (IC) contact center is online and mobile device compatible, providing a real-time snapshot of calls and interaction dispositions. It includes:

  1. Number of interactions – this includes all calls, inbound and outbound
  2. Number of Right Party Contacts
  3. Number of presentations made to Right Party Contacts
  4. Number of presentations converted to sales
  5. Tracking of all call dispositions

Our standard quality reports include metrics such as:

  1. Average Speed to Answer
  2. Abandon Rate
  3. Average Handle Time
  4. Service Level
  5. Call Volume

We can also design reports according to specifications provided by the customer.