Innovative Connections (IC) uses email as an interactive marketing tool. The immediacy of email urges customers to buy within minutes of the consumer receiving and reviewing the message. It can also be used effectively to distribute customer surveys, or remind the consumer to take action.

Because email is inexpensive, the rate of return from email marketing is high. Email makes it easy for businesses to analyze consumer behavior by tracking patterns that emerge when the emails are sent. For example, we can track how the same email message sent with two different subject lines performs by tracking how many consumers opened one email as compared to the other.

Consumer behavior can also be tracked with click through rates, or how many consumers visited the company website by clicking on a link in the email message.

Email marketing campaigns:

  • Are cost effective with a high rate of return
  • Promote interactive communication between a business and a consumer
  • Promote positive consumer behavior by being personal and relevant
  • Are a highly effective way to reach and convert target audiences into paying customers