Innovative Connections (IC) has extensive experience in designing benefit marketing campaigns for companies, understanding that one of the biggest obstacles for businesses to overcome is getting from strategy to reality in promoting their corporate brand and messaging.

We create a communications framework, which

  • Helps develop a comprehensive, strategic communications plan
  • Provides communications designed to inform and educate individuals
  • Drives employee engagement through consistent messaging
  • Enables proactivity and strategic decision making
  • Provides an aligned structure, resulting in improved execution

We’ll use branded corporate messaging and theme to

  • Deliver a consistent, powerful brand
  • Strengthen the voice and visibility of company leaders
  • Generate employee interest
  • Reflect company values
  • Boost employee morale
  • Leverage corporate image with overall employee benefit theme

And, we utilize multi-channel methods to produce a tailored approach based on customer needs

  • Digital and print materials
  • Web and mobile device
  • Direct and email outreach
  • Telephonic outreach