Affinity programs offer relationships not otherwise available to mass-market consumers until they sign up. Innovative Connections (IC) provides solutions to target potential members and communicate the benefits of joining the program. This enhances brand loyalty by cultivating an ongoing relationship between a company and its customer. The best loyalty programs encourage the consumer to buy frequently, to increase the amount spent each time, and to concentrate all or most of their related purchases on that brand. Many affinity programs offer a loyalty card, rewards card, points card or club card that identifies the card holder as a member in that program. IC can facilitate distribution of those cards as members join.

The affinity programs we support have proven especially popular among companies, associations, and clubs interested in offering something special to their employees or clients, including:

  • Offers that cater precisely to the needs of the members
  • Individual types of insurance such as auto, life, health, travel, and home that can be utilized alone or introduced as a package