Innovative Connections’ (IC) uses surveys in a variety of ways to gather information for our customers. Key areas are:

  1. Discovery
    Surveys provide a non-threatening way to learn what motivates respondents and what’s important to them.
  2. Discussion of key topics
    Communicating with respondents about your survey topic allows for deeper insight, and can shed light on topics related to your survey subject within a larger context.
  3. Prioritization
    Gathering objective information drives sound data-driven decisions, enabling you to quickly address issues that are important, rather than wasting resources on things of lesser importance.
  4. Establishing a Benchmark
    Surveying provides a “snapshot” of your target audience and their attitudes about your survey subject. This helps you to establish a baseline from which you can compare whether target population attitudes and perceptions relative to the survey problem are getting better or worse over time.